Gender Justice LA (GJLA) is a Los Angeles based non-profit organization working to build the collective power of the transgender community. We operate several programs, including:

Our Vision:

1. Social justice at the local and national level including:

- Access to affordable quality healthcare
- Comprehensive non-discrimination policies at the local, state, and national level

2. Individual Engagement and Access - Empowering Every Trans Person

- Op

3. A Safe and Just Society for Trans People Of Color

- Education and inclusion of trans people of color history
- Cross cultural dialogue and communication
- Breaking down oppresson across gender lines
- Space for alchemy and creation of ideas, identities, new ways of understanding
- Fostering and acquring leadership roles for trans peole of color
- Access to living wage jobs
- Redistribution of wealth

4. Community Wellness - Caring for Ourselves and for each other

- Spiritual inclusion of all faiths, including athiesm
- Practicing non-violent methods of communication
- Community and self accountability
- Trans-centered family planning
- Practicing collective planning and thinking for our community

Gender Justice LA (formerly known as FTM Alliance of Los Angeles) was launched in 2000 as a grassroots organization dedicated to empowering the female-to-male (FTM) transgender community by increasing the visibility and acceptance of FTMs in Southern California. In 2007, recognizing the fulfillment of its original goals, Gender Justice LA (GJLA) began an organizational transition from a primarily white FTM led service organization to a broad multi-racial organization that builds power for all transgender people. During the past three years, the makeup of our board, staff, and membership has shifted; the majority of our constituency is now people of color, and participation of transgender women (male-to-female, also known as MTF) has increased significantly.

Gender Justice LA’s objective is now to build power for the entire transgender community through grassroots community organizing. Since 2000, GJLA has:
  • Created and implemented the first multi-year local transgender community grassroots organizing campaign that focuses on healthcare access which resulted in significant victories and expansion of trans-health services in Los Angeles;
  • Conducts on-going monthly support groups for FTMs and their loved ones;
  • Creates safe spaces for low-income transgender people of color through community events showcasing artists and performers from those communities;
  • Conducts cultural competency trainings with institutions throughout Los Angeles, including healthcare providers, law enforcement, service organizations and employers.
As a result of these accomplishments, Southern California has significantly increased both its awareness and acceptance of the transgender community. This has led to an increase in statewide legislation advocating for transgender equality. Due to the success of the organization’s initial work, GJLA has also chosen to incorporate anti-racism as a core value of the organization and to focus on low-income transgender people of color as the primary constituency.

Working with a mission that values community partnership and empowerment, Gender Justice LA has built strong relationships with a number of community partners that serve the transgender community, including Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, League of Trans Unified Sisters (LOTUS), Friends Community Center, Bienestar, Transgender Law Center, L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center and the Transgender Service Providers Network. Moreover, we have built relationships with organizations whose primary constituency is not the transgender community, but who work on issues such as racial oppression, including Radical Women, Q-Team, and Leadership Development in Interethnic Relations (LDIR).

As we move forward, we have involved a number of our community partners in the process of choosing our next community organizing campaign, and we have formally outreached to the social service organizations we work with to solicit input on what issues are most directly affecting their clients.

Rodrigo Lehtinen, Membership Director  

Ezak Perez, Campaign Director  

Prentis Hemphill, Grant Writer  

Drian Juarez, Board President

Karla Mejia, Secretary

Hannah Howard, Treasurer

Aakash Kishore, Director

Ben Lee, Director

Heather Huff, Director

Retro Martinez, Director

Carolyn Weiss, Director

Georgina Wakefield, Director

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